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Dolce'-Perrelle' National Site

Desk of Mother Dolce'-Perrelle'
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Desk of Mother Dolce'-Perrelle'
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I want to exstend my thanks to various people that have been there for me as i have walked this journey of being a house mother. I have odered my  house to be temperarly shut down for reorganization reason. I did not do what was right by this house in making sure that it ran in oder and thats my fault. I do apologize to the 55 members that called them selves
Dolce'-Perrelle'. It was a mistake that i made and failed to undo
until it was to late. But im not a looser and i have not given up on the name i will make the house better than it has ever been.
May God Be With Us  As We Start Over Agian
God Save this House
Overall House Mother and Founder
Christian Dior Dolce'-Perrelle'
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If you have any questions or concerns you may write to the Overall Mother mail is checked daily

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Thanks for your support

God save this house